Creating the new fashion norm, uKom promises solutions to your all fashion supply problems

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August 19: uKom is the most trusted B2B apparel sourcing platform that has partnered with hundreds of eCommerce brands and provided unlimited fashion sourcing with the industry’s fastest turnaround time and lowest MOQs.

Since its inception (January 2022), uKom has launched 7000+ exclusive styles in 100+ fabric options and helped 50+ top fashion brands such as Myntra, Coutique Fashion, etc., from 5 countries across 3 continents to explore endless opportunities with end-to-end design to dispatch solutions.

Ankit Jaipuria, the Co-founder of uKom stated, ‘The fashion industry is one of the world’s important industries with a revenue of $1.7 trillion worldwide. After devoting a year to understanding the broken and dark supply chain of fashion, I realised that there is an utter need in applying classical supply chain strategies to modern fashion business problems globally. At uKom, we aim to work with fashion brands and address all major supply problems faced by stakeholders to build a high-growth environment.’

With sustainability in our hearts, uKom is certified to work towards the highest level of compliance possible by reducing the negative industry impacts on the environment as well as providing a safe workplace for everyone.

About The Company

uKom is a B2B apparel sourcing platform which provides end-to-end design to dispatch solutions to eCommerce brands, enabling them to explore endless opportunities with the industry’s fastest turnaround time and lowest MOQs.

We are currently launching 7k+ exclusive designs a month for brands across the globe.

Since its inception in January 2022, uKom has served 50+ brands from 5 countries across 3 continents.

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