Dr. Harshvardhan busts the common cancer myths

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Dr. Harshvardhan busts the common cancer myths

New Delhi (India), December 20: Numerous idioms and urban myths regarding cancer are untrue in terms of science. However, because they contradict popular opinion, individuals do not accept their authenticity.

However, these false beliefs greatly contribute to people’s anxiety and sadness and are a significant source of therapy and diagnosis delays. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, everyone’s first thought is of death, specifically how long they have left to live. 

Cancer is fatal, but the reality is that when compared to the previous 50 years, the rates of cancer treatment that is successful have actually increased by approximately a factor of two during the past fifty years. Survival rates after five years have climbed to about 75%. The treatment is now relatively simple and effective because of new equipment, enhanced treatment, and diagnosis techniques.

According to Dr Harshvardhan Atreya, Cancer Specialist, Medanta Hospital  Lucknow, Successful cancer treatments rely on a variety of variables. such as the patient’s age, physical condition, cancer stage, co-morbidities like high blood pressure or diabetes, or the accessibility of the right kind of care. Because of this, different people with the same stage or kind of cancer have varying degrees of success.”

The whole spectrum of medical oncology subspecialties has been exposed to Dr Harsh Vardhan Atreya, who has substantial expertise in treating both common and uncommon cancers.

He is knowledgeable about all forms of chemotherapy, intense regimens, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy, as well as handling oncological crises and patient care.

 Dr Harshvardhan has a keen interest in tumours of the breast, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract, including lymphoma, leukaemia, and myeloma.

Dr Harshvardhan says that “Cancer care is a fast developing discipline that necessitates a multidisciplinary approach due to ongoing therapy discoveries and advancements. This strategy covers a wide range of topics, including health promotion, screening and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.”

According to Dr Harshvardhan, the field of cancer management has expanded to include new techniques and ideas, such as immune therapy and genetic counselling. 

He supports compassionate, thorough, individualised treatment that preserves the quality of life. 

Talking about gynecologic cancer, Dr Harshvardhan mentions that

 “Treatment options for gynecologic malignancies are diverse. It will depend on cancer’s nature and degree of dissemination. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are all options for treatment. Women with gynecologic cancer frequently have a variety of treatment options. Each treatment’s benefits, dangers, and side effects can be reviewed with your doctor. A side effect is a manifestation of a treatment or drug in your body.”

Dr. Harshvardhan also encourages his patients to collaborate with the financial navigators to allay any financial worries since he respects the social and financial struggles cancer patients go through.
 For more information visit: https://drharshatreya.com/

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