The Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice 2023 celebrated global champions embodying ‘Humanity in Action’ in Mumbai

From Left: Sister Zelie Martin, Ms.Ghazal, Shri. Ramdas Athawale, Dr. Abraham Mathai & Narges Mohamadi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 29: The prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice 2023 was held in Taj Santacruz, Mumbai on 26th November, 2023 on the theme of “Humanity in […]

Mohanji’s Ammucare Charitable Trust Celebrates 20 Years of Impactful Service to Global Humanity

From zero resources but only passion for compassion, Ammucare has grown into a global institution with over 500 volunteers, 55,000 participants spread across 34 countries. “A joyous occasion for selfless collective service towards compassionate social upliftment”: Mohanji “Until humankind turns into kind humans, we have […]

Development Alternatives – 26th trialogue2047   Discussion on Circularity in Action Plastics Management for Cities of the Future

New Delhi (India), November 17: Development Alternatives (DA) hosted the 26th “trialogue 2047,” throwing light on the urgent need to integrate Circular Economy principles and Resource Efficiency into urban governance. The “trialogue2047” brought together key stakeholders of the sector on one platform. Shri G Asok Kumar, […]

Coimbatore’s Nagaraj B. Sets Record for Longest Financial Lecture, Featured in Indian Book of Records

Nagaraj B. holds the record for delivering the longest financial lecture New Delhi (India), November 1: Nagaraj B., a Coimbatore-based financial educator and trader, was recently featured in the Indian Book of Records for his outstanding achievement in accomplishing the longest financial lecture in India, that […]