Leegality Announces Electronic Signatures on WhatsApp – to meet its goal of 100% digital paperwork by 2030

Shivam Singla, Co-Founder, Leegality Leegality offers eSigns in 10 local languages, making signing documents through WhatsApp pings much easier, even for people living in rural areas. New Delhi [India], September 25: Leegality today announced WhatsApp Signing Pings – a revolutionary new interface for electronic signatures in […]

India’s Blockchain Supremacy: Crewsphere’s ‘Sankalp Web3 Tour’ & $100K ICP Hackathon fuels the growth

​Deepak Goyal introducing ICP to Bennett University students New Delhi (India), September 22: In a dynamic era of global crypto adoption, India has spectacularly risen to the forefront. According to the recent 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis, India, alongside Nigeria and Vietnam, is proudly […]