Shri Divya Manav Seva Sansthan with Shree Divya Ayurved Advocates for Ayurveda to Combat Misconceptions and Promote Health

New Delhi (India), February 21: In a proactive move to dispel misconceptions surrounding Ayurveda and promote its ancient wisdom, Shri Divya Manav Seva Sansthan is taking strides to raise awareness and provide quality healthcare services. With Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda, considered an incarnation of […]

Augmented Reality (AR) Assisted Double Total Knee Replacements performed in Bangalore

Pixee Medical, a forefront innovator in medical technology, celebrates a groundbreaking achievement with the successful execution of the double Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery in Bangalore, Karnataka, utilizing cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], February 14: Pixee Medical, a forefront innovator in medical […]

Navigating Anxiety and Depression: Expert Care by Dr. Pratibha Bezwada

New Delhi (India), February 13: In today’s fast-paced world, mental health concerns like anxiety and depression have become increasingly prevalent, affecting millions worldwide. These conditions, often silent battles, impact individuals’ daily lives, emotions, and overall well-being. However, seeking professional help from experienced psychiatrists like Dr. […]

Indian Psychiatric Society, and Parag Pratishthan Mumbai conducted one act drama competition on Mental Health

Right to Left Archee Gangan Sathe,Secretary Parag Prathisthan, Dr Ashok Manjrekar,President Parag Prathisthan, Dr Neena Sawant,,President IPSWZB, Dr Manoj Bhatawdekar, Psychiatrist and Guest of Honour Dr Amol Deshmukh, Winner, Chinmay Sume Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February12:  Indian Psychiatric Society,Western  Zonal Branch(IPSWZB) and Parag Pratishthan Mumbai have […]

Niner Pharmaceuticals Unveils MedTech 9ER Application for Global Healthcare Transformation

Dubai [UAE], February 10: Leading pharmaceutical company Niner Pharmaceuticals, founded by entrepreneur Jami Balaji Rao, is poised to transform the healthcare landscape with innovative solutions and medicines. Aiming to bridge the gap between traditional methods and modern demands, Niner is developing the revolutionary “9ER Virtual Healthcare […]