Timbre Media launches Podcaster Pro, a game changer in internal communication and talent management

The first-of-its-kind “content as a software” platform, Podcaster Pro offers organisations compelling content for internal communications, employee engagement, and other HR applications New Delhi (India), February 22: Timbre Media, a pioneer in podcasting and internal company communications in India, has introduced Podcaster Pro, a groundbreaking […]

SML & BharatGPT Ecosystem Unveils ‘Hanooman’: Indic AI Series at NASSCOM Event – India’s First Multilingual Multimodal Large Language Model

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 21:  Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML), in collaboration with IIT Bombay’s BharatGPT Ecosystem, has introduced “Hanooman” (Built In India for the World) a revolutionary series of Indic AI models with multimodal capabilities. This cutting-edge technology was revealed at the prestigious NASSCOM Technology and […]

Emerging Victorious: India’s Glorious Performance at the Winter World Master Games 2024 in Lombardia, Italy

In an epic showdown occurring only once every four years, the Winter World Master Games 2024 unfolded in Lombardia, Italy, heralding an awe-inspiring saga of triumph against insurmountable odds. Exemplary Triumph: Ice Skater Forges History Hailing from Gujarat, India, and holding the national record, Vishwaraj […]