‘Apno Ki Bewafai’ in the habit of earning more money

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Money is very important in life. It cannot be lived without it. We cannot deny this bitter truth. But sometimes it has to pay such a big price to earn more money in less time and in the wrong ways that even the special world and its own become strangers. This is the essence of the film ‘Apno Ki Bewafai by producer Piyush Shah and Ashtavinayak Enterprises. The last film of actor Irrfan, who is a supporter of meaningful cinema and a veteran of purposeful films.
Vishal is a great actor in Mumbai films, but he did not get the green signal of nature for his big dreams and desire to become a superstar in less time and get addicted to becoming rich in a jiffy. Due to long and wider expenses, his life stops at a margin. Due to this, his frustration increases. Finally, he adopts the wrong path in the habit of earning more money in less time. Vishal’s wife and children stop him from doing wrong work, but he does not listen to anyone. As a result, he has to leave his happy family. Continuous illness and then paralysis, and finally, he feels that ‘unfaithfulness from his own’ has touched his life. Irrfan has done one of the rare films as an actor in Hindi films, which include Haasil, Maqbool, and Pan Singh Tomar Hindi Medium were successful in the gallery of viewers and critics. He was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for the film ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and the Government of India also honored him with Padma Shri in 2012.

However, before his demise, during a press conference about his last film, ‘Apno Ki Bewafai’, Irrfan said- Some subjects become part of your mind. This is one of them. Actually, films full of emotions become a clause which is why they do not get success beyond hope. I hope that the audience will understand the pain of this film.

Unfaithfulness from one’s own is the dream film of producer Piyush Shah which is being released everywhere on 29 June 2023. Prior to this, Piyush Shah made and released Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri and English films. He is an established producer. Among them, Agni Chakra Meri Mazboori, Aaple Sanskar, and Aapla Haath Jagannath Ek Biharin Sab Pe Bhari are noteworthy. According to him- “I am a very professional producer. I make films keeping in mind the direction and pulse of the film industry. This is my marketable film which will be liked by the audience. This is my belief.”

The writer-director of ‘Apno Ki Bewafai’ does not need any introduction. He has been associated with Marathi drama for years as a writer and sometimes as a director. He has made a significant contribution. Golmaal, Chagun, Gappa Tappa Jayaram Detective Marathi serials apart from Prakash Bhalekar have written and directed Marathi films like Ayla Lachya, Zala Re, Gotwala, Gandhali and Page Marathi, which have been successful.

Unfaithfulness from One’s own was his first Hindi film as a writer and director. Due to his story narration and good vision, it was possible to make a film with different actors like Irrfan. According to Prakash Bhalekar … Irrfan’s unfaithfulness from his own is not just a film but a truth. He was a dedicated and easy, and natural actor who had great experiences with me. I wish I could do some films.

Apart from Irrfan’s main role in Apno Ki Bewafai Mahima, Aryan, Payal, Raj Gautam, and Annie Vanshika also have important roles. D.O.P.Chandrika Prasad, song Ibrahim Ashq and music Bappi Lahiri

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