An exuberant young man, shrrejit jauni is a miraculous music composer based out of Mumbai born and brought up in gujarat’s jamnagar

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March 7: Mr jauni has earned laurels in the music industry while also successfully initiating and expanding upon a time span of 5/7years. With an intense flair for understanding the music and expounding novel ways of fulfilling the desires choices of listeners, shrrejit jauni has set a benchmark of excellence in winning over the hearts of people by composing in their favour, highly individual personal demands and preferences. 

He has officially completed his graduation from Gujarat university in, currently he ages 30 and visions to achieve his dreams with full powers. Repeatedly being interviewed and asked in an official interview by our verified sources about how he managed to be a king in music industry he replied” I just can feel the song, I need to learn more with every rhythm, and keep my compositions on loop to make it larger day by day. 

Mr. Jauni has more than 10000+ listeners of his composed songs across social media including Saavn, spotify, Youtube, Live shows and many more.

Shrrejit Jauni starts his music composition journey with a bang with first single I BET. Shrreji’s  ambition has always been to constantly hone his skills at composing, an experience that leaves an indelible imprint on the mind of the audience. While keeping all measures in mind he tuned up his own song and sang where he got infinite love by his fans around the globe. 

Performance is the single most important factor that has made shrrejit touch the skies of praiseworthy appreciation; the capacity to step into the audience shoes and work from that position thereafter.

Crafting tune & music that appeal and at the same hold not merely a highly prized music but rather espouse a tangible emotional bond is something that shrrejit had to work hard at since young age days.

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